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Hello Everyone!

I welcome you to The Gaap Site. My name is Ali Shan and I am Admin of this blog.

I have more than 11 years of experience in Accounting Operations, Finance Transformation and Complex Technical Accounting . I hold professional qualifications from leading professional bodies from Canada, The United Kingdom and Pakistan.

During my career, I have helped numerous clients in Canada, USA and Pakistan comply with Technical Accounting aspects of IFRS, US GAAP and Canadian ASPE. In simple words, Technical Accounting Research has been my bread and butter so far. While helping clients, I noted that while official publications from IASB and FASB are authentic source of Accounting Standards, Publications from Big4 and other Top Accounting Firms are also quite helpful.

Many of these publications contain guidance in much more organized fashion and a simple Google search might help you find a valuable resource. But this “Accounting Research” can be grueling at times. I have created this blog to help anyone trying to find publications from Big4 and other Accounting Firms on IFRS, US GAAP and Canadian ASPE.

My simple objective is to help you in your Accounting Research and keep sharing publications which I have found helpful or I think may help you in your accounting research.

Please note that any post on this blog aren’t my professional opinion or don’t represent my employer. Main objective of this blog is to help in Accounting Research. I am not being paid by any of these professional services firms to share their publications.

You can reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Ali Shan