KPMG Handbook: Impairment of nonfinancial assets in US GAAP

Using Q&As and examples, this guide explains in depth the impairment models for goodwill, indefinite-lived intangible assets and long-lived assets. This latest edition includes additional guidance related to the measurement of a reporting unit’s fair value in testing goodwill for impairment.


  • All entities

Relevant dates

  • Effective immediately

Key impacts

  • FASB’s relief on the goodwill impairment testing date for private companies and not-for-profit entities (ASU 2021-03)
  • Goodwill under ASC 350-20
  • Indefinite-lived intangible assets under ASC 350-30
  • Long-lived assets under ASC 360

Report contents

  • Scope of impairment models
  • The unit of account
  • When to test
  • Carrying amount
  • Qualitative assessment
  • Recoverability test: Long-lived assets
  • Fair value measurement
  • Recognition and allocation
  • Disclosures
  • Private company and not-for-profit alternative
  • Before ASU 2017-04
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